Game Software Developer - Architect


You are responsible for architecture, design, implementation, testing & deployment of software solutions in various domains. These include the AGL online gaming platform, 2D & 3D graphics tooling & integration development, networking and game backend.


You're a talented programmer with knowledge of open-source technologies, both client-side (WebGl, Canvas, JavaScript, ...) and server-side (Linux, NodeJS, ...). You have a passion for these technologies and you actively follow up on new developments, especially those related to multi-platform, networking and mobile.

You are able to critically analyze current implementations for their strengths and weaknesses and propose alternatives. You have the maturity to convert those insights into a continuous improvement effort (refactoring) without losing sight of short term requirements. You switch seamlessly from analytical 'free-wheeling' to just 'get-it-done' mentality when needed.

You can work independently. You function well in a dynamic environment; you always know what to do and you can cope with changing priorities. You take responsibility and pitch in where needed. You're always positive and constructive.

Experience with 3D modelling, animation and animation scripting, Sound FX and game dynamics will create opportunities for extra fun and variation in your job. Knowledge of Linux server management and deployment is a plus.


A challenging job with lots of room to vary and grow in a young and dynamic environment without heavyweight organizational structures that pin you down. Flexible working conditions allowing a good work-life balance. Very competitive salary based on the experience and knowledge you bring to the table, matching your growth and extra responsibilities seamlessly.