About us

Angle gaming labs provides complete solutions for the entertainment and real-time visualization industry. Our expertise extends from complete online multiplayer gaming solutions over custom tooling for motion capture and visual effects previz up to client-side 3D solutions for gaming and previz for a wide variety of platforms and markets.

Over the past 10 years AGL technologies and solutions have been deployed for:

  • VJ-ing;
  • real-time architectural visualization;
  • mocap and previz tooling;
  • and last but not least an award winning online casino platform.

With an in-house 3D engine, tooling and server-side solutions we control every aspect of both the user and operator experience, and can provide in a streamlined and optimized workflow that delivers a stable and well-integrated product.

Combined with the talented artists in our AGL studio division we can bring your idea from concept to finished product in record time.