3D Artist - Technical Artist


You are responsible for design, modelling, texturing, animation and scripting of real-time 3D rendered games.


You're a talented technical artists with a broad palette of skills stretching from concept drawing, modelling, rigging and animating all the way to full game integration and polishing. You combine your 2D and 3D skills seamlessly to deliver high quality results.

Your awareness of implementation cost and resource control helps you to carefully weigh implementation options and make the right choice for each situation.

You can work independently. You function well in a dynamic environment; you always know what to do and you can cope with changing priorities. You take responsibility and pitch in where needed. You're always positive and constructive.

You have in-depth knowledge of Photoshop and have at least a working knowledge of Illustrator and AfterEffects. You are an expert in either Lightwave, Modo, Max, XSI, Maya or Blender and you can migrate those skills to other tool-chains as required. Knowledge of ZBrush or Mudbox is a plus. You have at least a basic knowledge of programming and have hands-on experience with one or more (script-) languages. Experience in sound effects is a plus and will create opportunities for extra fun and variation in your job.


A challenging job with lots of room to vary and grow in a young and dynamic environment without heavyweight organizational structures that pin you down. Flexible working conditions allowing a good work-life balance. Very competitive salary based on the experience and knowledge you bring to the table, matching your growth and extra responsibilities seamlessly.